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Nsiders.org is an online community connecting NAMIC members, Emma Bowen alumni and media professionals in one virtual space to share ideas, job leads, industry news and build relationships.

Nsiders is the product of a joint venture between the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) and the Emma Bowen Foundation (EBF), generously supported by the Walter Kaitz Foundation. All three organizations are pioneers in the work to diversify the fields of media and communications for decades. We are joining forces to help strengthen bonds between our robust networks and expand our efforts to advance diversity and inclusion in media.

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Community News

NAMIC Leadership Seminar (Scholarship) - Los Angeles, CA


NAMIC is pleased to announce the first of three (3) 2017 NAMIC Leadership Seminar scholarship opportunities for eligible professionals of color from small cable operators and programmers that might otherwise not have adequate resources to support participation in this transformational learning experience.

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Emma Bowen Foundation President's Letter - December 2016


January 5th, 2017, marks my two year anniversary at the Emma Bowen Foundation (EBF). I spent a large part of the time in my role listening and understanding each partner’s challenges and desires for a new EBF responsive to their and the industry’s current needs, and ensuring that young people of color get internships and perform well.      


EBF 2.0 is our response to feedback, which we hope offers successful solutions to the needs of our current partners and the industry and captures who we are. In order to change the narrative of people color—the legacy which created the foundation— 2.0 aims to ensure that more people of color are hired, retained, and advance to decision making positions to influence the way media is expressed and business is conducted. To fully impact the industry, we need to reach all essential functions in front of and behind the camera— the Content of Media (journalism and production), the Business of Media (sales, research, human resources, and other behind-the-scenes business careers), and the Innovation of Media (social media, engineering, new technology, big data). 

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