Dear Emma: Making Your Internship Unforgettable

Dear Emma,

I loved my internship this summer - I connected with my coworkers, helped my team succeed, and even got to take on a few extra projects. I want to build on everything I did when I return next summer, but I’m worried everyone will have forgotten me. What can I do to keep my relationship with my company going when I’m back at school?

- Six Months and Counting

Six Months and Counting,

First of all, hats off to you for thinking about next summer’s internship already. That kind of initiative is probably what helped you have such a great summer in the first place. You’re right, though - in the time between internships, while people who worked with you will remember you, they may not remember all the great things you did during your internship.

Luckily, this is the perfect time of year to get back on your company’s radar - with winter holidays and a new year coming up, you have plenty of reasons to reach out. Pick one and send a note to your supervisor or a helpful colleague to say hello. You could add them to your holiday card list if you have one, reference the New Year as you look back on all the great things you did together, mention something you’ve seen about the company in the news, or just reach out and say hello.

Whenever you reach out, include the following: a reminder of who you are and how the person receiving the letter knows you, a few details to help your summer colleagues remember what you did together, enthusiasm for the work you did over the summer, and excitement for what’s to come next summer. Whether or not you get a reply, you’ve taken the first step at making your relationship with your company year-round!

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