Ariel Lopez Shares the Secrets of Success in Tech


“Being a minority in tech can be hard, but you’re valuable because you are different.” Ariel Lopez, Founder and CEO of tech recruiting and professional development firm 2020 Shift, joined the Emma Bowen Foundation’s 30 minutes with…webinar series to give EBF Fellows her tips on how to make it in tech as a person of color.

Her top two thoughts? 

First, tech isn’t just for coders and engineers. Tech companies need product managers (who use business skills to oversee a tech product or offering), UX designers (who use an artistic eye to make tech appeal to the consumer, data scientists (who analyze how and why people use tech the way they do), and more. Think broadly and you may find an opportunity you weren’t expecting.

And second, bring yourself to the table. One of the values of being a person of color or being a millennial is that you bring life experience that nobody else has. Don’t be afraid to share your point of view. Diversity isn’t just about social good, it’s about keeping pace with the shading of America, and that’s what companies are looking for. In Ariel’s words, “Own who you are, and make it a selling point.”

Ariel’s company 2020 Shift is helping students do just that -- advising young people on careers in tech and helping them get their foot in the door. To find out more, go to

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