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Emma Bowen Foundation Signature Programs

The Emma Bowen Fellows

The Emma Bowen Fellows Program provides multi-year internships to students of color at media companies across the country. Each student works as a paid summer intern from the summer before their freshman year of college through their college graduation, gaining significant on-the-job training in their field and making connections with colleagues and mentors that last a lifetime. Our fellows graduate with invaluable work experience and a head-start in whichever career they choose.

We work to educate and place our students in all areas of the industry, and focus on three programming tracks - the Business of Media (Sales, Public Relations, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.), Content of Media (News Production, Broadcast Journalism, and Print Journalism), and Innovation of Media (Engineering, Software Development, Digital Marketing, Coding, etc.).

The Link 2.0 Mentoring Initiative

The Link 2.0 Mentoring Initiative provides an intensive leadership development experience for Emma Bowen Fellows who show incredible potential for success in their careers due to their talent and tenacity. Each is assigned a mentor to help them reach that potential by giving them perspective on career decisions, workplace dynamics, and media industry trends. The Link experience culminates in a gathering for both mentors and mentees that emphasizes strategic and analytical thinking, decision-making, teamwork, communication, and innovation.

The Summer Conference

Each summer, current Emma Bowen Fellows gather with media industry leaders and Emma Bowen Foundation stakeholders for networking and professional development. The 2016 Summer Conference provided Emma Bowen Fellows with three days of networking, learning, and community-building alongside senior executives from many of the country’s leading media and technology companies, including the nearly 50 corporations nationwide that host Emma Bowen students as Summer Fellows. Conference speakers included leaders from a variety of media and technology companies, including lead Conference sponsors Comcast, CBS, NBC Universal, and Bloomberg. The 2016 Conference was also made possible through the generosity of the Walter Kaitz Foundation and Knight Foundation.

The Summer Conference is headlined by a career fair which gives our Fellows direct access to human resources staff at top media companies. In 2016, participating career fair companies included Atlantic Media, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Hearst, Jopwell, Discovery Communications, CBS, and NBC Universal. 

The Emma Awards

In 2016, the Emma Bowen Foundation recognized outstanding fellows with “Emma Awards” to reward their hard work and inspire others to follow their lead. The 2016 Emmas were awarded as follows:

  • The Emma for Courage –To Olivia Richard for her decision to go to Colorado to cover the GOP Debate no matter the obstacle to give her fellow students and community a hands-on look at the event.

  • The Emma for Storytelling – To Kally Kasulis for her work as a freelance journalist for the Boston Globe – she made it a goal of hers to win this award and wrote herself a letter at last year’s Link Conference pushing herself to be published this year, which she accomplished multiple times over. 

  • The Emma for Volunteerism – To Haleigh Hoskins, who spent her Spring Break in Ferguson, MO working to register people in the area to vote, then took her effort back to Atlanta, where she continues to work towards local voter registration.

  • The Emma for Innovation – To Marnice Davis, who developed a consulting business, Impact Inspiration LLC, to help walk high-school students through the scholarship application process.

  • The Emma for Ubuntu – To Ty Greenwood, who has worked tirelessly to promote diversity on campus throughout his time at Washington and Jefferson College, from challenging the theatre department to select more diverse works to joining the admissions department to push for greater diversity in incoming students.

  • The Emma for Influencing – To Murugi Thande, who helped to raise over $25,000 in donations for children in her local communities through a series of promotional videos that she helped to create.

The Student of the Year Awards

Each year two students are recognized for overall excellence during the Emma Bowen Fellows program. The Student of the Year Award recognizes the achievements of the honorees over the course of their Fellowship, both in the classroom and in their summer intern placements. In 2016, Amon Jones and Mariah Whitner were honored as Students of the Year. Both Amon and Mariah showed the spirit of Emma Bowen throughout their time with the Foundation through their outstanding work quality; noteworthy professional and personal growth and integrity; academic excellence; creativity and initiative; and special contributions to their company, college, and community. Mariah was hired by her corporate sponsor, A&E. Amon, who interned for C-SPAN, will be joining the prestigious NBC Page Program.

NAMIC Professional Development Programs

Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) XVII, In Partnership With The University of Virginia Darden School of Business

The Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) is designed to nurture visionary and transformational leaders of color in the media and communications industry. With more than 500 graduates, this competitive executive education program takes place over the course of seven months, and comprises four visits to the historic Darden grounds. Open to mid- to senior-level executives of color, ELDP explores the intersection of business-critical leadership competencies and cultural identity. The program is designed to help solve some of the industry’s most persistent challenges: increasing the diversity of the industry’s executive suites; retention of executives of color; and maximizing the ROI of a diverse workforce in a business environment that demands strategic leadership agility and creative innovation.

  • A deepened understanding of the changing strategic and market context in the communications industry in an increasingly global and competitive context;
  • An enterprise-wide perspective anchored in the overall business and the interconnections of the functional business areas such as financial management, marketing and strategic talent alignment;
  • Enhanced capacities to convert business strategy into action;
  • A learning mindset that drives innovation;
  • Business and strategic insight from leading industry and non-industry professionals; and,
  • Competencies to grow and sustain high-performing teams, across organizational, cultural, and ideological spectra.

Location: University of Virginia Darden School of Business, Charlottesville, VA (NAMIC’s University Partner)

October 9-13, 2017
December 5-8, 2017
February 20-23, 2018
May 7-11, 2018

Target Audience: Directors (minimum of two years at that level), Senior Directors, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Executive Vice Presidents, General Managers, and other mid- to upper-level executives of color; all applicants must complete necessary application and supporting documentation.

Fee: $21,800, includes tuition, executive coaching and materials

Click Here to download the 2016-2017 NAMIC ELDP Brochure

The NAMIC Leadership Seminar

The NAMIC Leadership Seminar is a three-day professional development program created specifically to cultivate and transform eligible high-potential professionals in the communications industry pipeline, regardless of race or ethnicity, into more effective leaders. The highly interactive instructional methodology sets the stage for participants to obtain the knowledge, competencies, and diverse perspectives necessary for maximum performance and career enhancement. The program integrates theoretical knowledge with participants’ own experiences to generate powerful insights about leadership and individual advancement. Drawing upon the most respected academic research and business case studies, The NAMIC Leadership Seminar is open to all professionals whose leadership is critical in organizations where a high premium is placed on Diversity and Inclusion as a strategic business imperative.

Dates & Locations:
April 10-12, 2017: Los Angeles, CA
July 12-14, 2017: Philadelphia, PA
October 25-27, 2017: Dallas, TX

Target Audience: Managers, Supervisor, Coordinator, New Directors (less than 2 years) of all ethnicities who are motivated to succeed and aspiring to higher positions with increasing visibility and responsibility.

Fee: $4,000, includes meals (with the exception of dinners), tuition and workshop materials.

Click Here to download the 2017 NAMIC Leadership Seminar Brochure

L. Patrick Mellon Mentorship Program

What types of questions should one be considering on their career journey? How can work knowledge be boosted with interpersonal skills to get to the next career level? The L. Patrick Mellon Mentorship Program was created to help NAMIC’s members achieve career success in a constantly changing, complex communications industry work environment. Program participants are matched (mentees) with seasoned industry executives (mentors) who, through guidance, advocacy, sponsorship, and friendship, can assist them with enhancing on-the-job effectiveness and career strategies to attain future professional and personal goals.

2017 Application Deadlines
Participants, both mentors and mentees, should submit their applications for 2016 according to the following schedule:

Cycle Applications Due
January 2017 November 15, 2016
June 2017 May 5, 2017
September 2017 August 4, 2017

Target Audience: Junior to more senior-level professionals as mentees; mentors need to contact NAMIC directly to participate.

Fee: FREE to all NAMIC members

Sign Up:

Questions: Contact Darryl Jackson, Manager, Mentoring Relations and Chapter Operations at or call 212-594-5985.

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